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Do We Need Unit Tests?

It happened to me several times in my career that senior engineers told me: unit tests are not useful. These are the common arguments:

How to Evolve Legacy Software Systems

There’s probably no IT company without a legacy software product. To some extent all software systems have legacy code. Whenever a system becomes flooded with it, there’s a solution many developers start proposing: rewrite!

3 Pillars of a Successful Remote Team

Where are you the most productive: at home or your office desk? What’s your most productive time of the day? Ask those question to different people, and you’ll hear different answers. The fact is: some people work more efficiently outside of their offices. On top of that, various business factors...

Daily Stand-Up Meetings in Remote Teams

Daily stand-up meeting (also known as scrum meeting) is a short Agile ritual where each team member shares what they worked on, what they plan to work on and what is blocking them. It’s recommended to keep such meetings short and move any in-depth technical discussion to dedicated sessions.